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Free Video: Managing Conversions Between Adobe CC and Microsoft Office

As a designer, there are many phrases you might dread hearing from your boss or client.

Make the logo bigger…
I have a few tweaks…
It will be great exposure…

And of course,

We need PowerPoint slides…
The art’s in the Word file…
They did it in Excel…

If you work long enough, it’s inevitable that you’ll hear such things because Adobe and Microsoft are the twin 800-lb gorillas in most workflows. And these gorillas don’t always get along.

That’s why Anne-Marie Concepción has created a brand new course Managing Conversions Between Adobe CC and Microsoft Office.

In the course, Anne-Marie shows the best practices for tackling common requests like creating InDesign tables from Excel spreadsheets, exchanging chart data between Excel and Illustrator, making Word authoring templates from InDesign files, and moving content between PowerPoint and the Adobe apps.

In the free movie below, Anne-Marie shows how to recreate an Adobe file from scratch in PowerPoint. Check it out!

Recreate an Adobe file from scratch in PowerPoint

For members, if you are currently signed in to your account, you can also check out these videos from the series.

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