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Free Video: Creating an Interactive PDF Brochure

For businesses of all types, having a high-quality brochure is an absolutely necessity. It establishes the brand, provides key contact information, and makes the sales pitch to potential customers. And since it’s portable, a brochure extends a company’s presence wherever it goes.

The challenge with printed brochures is to literally get them into the hands of people, by placing them around town or mailing them out. Digital brochures, on the other hand, can be viewed any time, anywhere, at no extra cost. Even better, they can include engaging interactive content like buttons, forms, and rich media that can’t be matched in a print version. So I’m very excited to announce my course, Creating an Interactive PDF Brochure. In less than an hour, I cover all the important tasks, like:

  • adding navigation, hyperlinks, and bookmarks
  • using buttons to change content
  • adding video
  • creating forms and collecting form data
  • fixing PDF problems with Adobe Acrobat

Creating an Interactive PDF Brochure

In the free video below, I summarize the features and benefits of an interactive PDF brochure. Check it out!

What we’re going build

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Use buttons to change content

Create a PDF form

Collect form data

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