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Free Video: PDF Commenting for AEC

It’s time for another great free video from! This time Kelly Vaughn shows how to get the most out of the PDF commenting tools in Acrobat DC.

From the course description:

Architects, engineers, and construction professionals use Acrobat DC in a unique way. They review and share more complex, large-scale CAD drawings than the typical Acrobat user. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help AEC professionals navigate, review, and share PDF documents in Acrobat with ease. This course is specifically tailored for people in these industries who need to communicate more efficiently and effectively with their teams and clients.

Learn how to locate the markup tools, choose the right tool for the job, get quick access with keyboard shortcuts, and customize your Acrobat workspace. These lessons can be applied to a variety of PDFs, from technical manuals to 3D models, floorplans to wiring diagrams. Instructor Kelly Vaughn—a technical documentation expert—also shows how to sort, track, share, and print comments, and introduces some scripts designed to temporarily enlarge comments and color code sticky notes.

Topics include:

  • Maximizing your workspace
  • Customizing shortcuts
  • Working with different kinds of PDFs
  • Using the text and drawing markup tools
  • Using measuring tools
  • Sorting comments
  • Sharing comments
  • Tracking comments
  • Using custom scripts
  • Printing comments

Why you should use commenting tools

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Using standard text markup tools

Using drawing markup tools

Using the Properties toolbar

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5 Comments on “Free Video: PDF Commenting for AEC

  1. Mike, your headline is incorrect. I think you meant “ADC”. But I’d use “Acrobat DC” since I don’t think many people know the acronym.

    • Hi Steve- AEC = Architects, engineers, and construction professionals. It was a term I’d never heard before I saw Kelly’s course. I didn’t mention it in the body of the post because I didn’t want to give folks the impression if they weren’t in those fields the course had nothing to offer them. But I can see how it’s confusing without an explanation. I should probably put that bit back in.

  2. “PDF Commenting for AEC” is also the name of her course, fwiw. It’s a commonly-used acronym for people in the field(s), I’ve learned.

  3. Thanks for that. After a couple decades in graphic arts, I had never run into that segment of the graphics community apparently. I have never heard of that acronynm before. Thanks for adding the explanation.

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