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GoProof: The Modern Alternative to PDF Proofing


Every publishing workflow is only as strong as its weakest link. You can start with a great InDesign template, and employ all kinds of efficiencies and automation as you’re designing and building pages, but if there’s a big snag somewhere along the line, you won’t maximize your productivity.

For many collaborative workflows, the process of getting feedback and approvals is a persistent problem that never gets fixed. InDesign has been around for more than 15 years, yet many publishers still use the same PDF proofing workflow they did back when InDesign was new. While we rely on PDFs for many things, there are lots of potential problems with using them for proofing and approvals, such as:

  • Time spent exporting PDFs
  • Naming and tracking PDF versions
  • Sending large PDFs
  • No central place to track feedback
  • Delayed turnaround
  • Proofing outdated PDF versions
  • Misplaced PDFs
  • Switching back and forth between the PDF and InDesign to make edits

If any of these the problems sound familiar, then the GoProof add-on for Adobe InDesign might be the answer you’re looking for.


The GoProof Solution

GoProof is a collaborative proofing solution that addresses all the familiar PDF workflow problems mentioned above. It is a cloud-based system that allows anyone in your workflow to view, discuss, comment, markup, and sign off on proofs that you share directly from a panel in InDesign CC. Reviewers can view and mark up proofs in a web browser, so they don’t need InDesign or Adobe Acrobat.

When your layout is ready, you can simply send an invitation link from InDesign to your reviewers, who can then browse to the latest version of the document hosted at Feedback from reviewers is sent back to you in the InDesign panel. And it is automatically organized into an amendments list for you to work through and check off.


All versions are tracked and archived, and new versions numbers are created and stamped by GoProof so you don’t have to worry about file naming.

In sum, GoProof online proofing software replaces traditional, time-consuming PDF proof workflows, and allows designers to focus on what they do best—designing!

Emerson Welch

Emerson Welch

Emerson Welch is Marketing Director at Oppolis Software Ltd
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3 Comments on “GoProof: The Modern Alternative to PDF Proofing

  1. I tried GoProof, and it’s as great as it sounds. The only feature I am interested in is only available in the Enterprise version, which is way out of my budget for now. It enables you to send a proof to your client who can actually edit the type in their browser, preview the results, and send it back to you. You can then apply their edits to your file, eliminating the need to do the edits for them.

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