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Happy 25th Anniversary Adobe Illustrator!

In the beginning, there was Illustrator… Twenty-five years ago, John Warnock, Chuck Geschke, and the team at Adobe Systems released Illustrator 1.0. (Mordy Golding — author of Real World Illustrator, presenter of Illustrator Insider Training at, and ex-Illustrator product manager at Adobe — tells us that the official date is today, March 19.)

We’d like to express our ginormous HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Illustrator. To celebrate, we’d like to share two fun movies. First, here is John Warnock telling us all about Illustrator 1.0; it’s a movie that shipped with the product. If you haven’t seen this, you must:

Second, here’s a movie that Mordy and Ted Alspach and others folks from Adobe created about a decade ago. It’s silly, but we thought y’all would like it:

(We’re going to ignore the fact that back in the 90s we actually like Aldus Freehand more. That’s fine. We’re not holding a grudge or anything. Illustrator is amazing now. In fact, it has become our favorite InDesign plug-in of all time! Photoshop is second, of course.)


David Blatner

David Blatner

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5 Comments on “Happy 25th Anniversary Adobe Illustrator!

  1. I,d love AI as much as ID and and everyday I learn a new tip and secret about it, I,d like to see someday.

  2. I remember fondly how I first started using Illustrator.

    I had “mastered” QuarkXPress, but wanted to learn something new.

    I went to the woman in charge of software and asked her if there was anything else I could learn.

    She handed me a box of Illustrator 88 and said, “Here, try this. No one understands it.”

    I took it as a challenge.

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