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I Thought An InDesign Conference Would be Boring … And Then THIS Happened

Look, in today’s world I can’t just explain the truth of how useful The InDesign Conference is. So instead, I’ve decided to use HEADLINES YOU CAN’T TURN AWAY FROM!

Trainer Shares Secret to Losing 20 Pounds (of InDesign inefficiency)

These shocking tips cannot be revealed anywhere except on stage at The InDesign Conference! Learn from sessions like Secrets of the InDesign Power Users with Erica Gamet and Cleaning Up MS Word Text Messes from Keith Gilbert!

I Seriously Can’t Believe What I Just Saw — it’s unreal!

The InDesign Conference is now part of CreativePro Week. In 30 seconds you’ll be convinced!

See the Incredible Transformation of The Cutest InDesign Stars Ever


Russell Viers and David Blatner

David Blatner was just 10 when he started laying out pages! Today he’s discussing “Importing and Exporting HTML5” with child prodigy Justin Putney and sharing some of his darkest secrets in his 3-hour deep dive, Creating Interactive PDF.

12 InDesign Tips That Actually Exist in Real Life!

You seriously don’t want to miss Russell Viers’ tell-all tutorial InDesign Best Practices: Essential Techniques and Rules Every User Must Know. And if you make long documents, the way Mike Rankin busts a move will leave you shaking!

What Happens To This Man Inside InDesign Will Haunt You (in a good way!)

Nigel French is not just a master, but a master of masters (master pages that is)! And when it comes to styles (paragraph and otherwise), he has typographic style that will steal your heart!


Only 2% Can Pass this Basic InDesign Quiz… Can you?

Where is the most anti-social feature in InDesign? What’s the best way to make a PDF? How can you make a single document work for both print and digital output?

Learn all this and much, much more at The InDesign Conference!

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4 Comments on “I Thought An InDesign Conference Would be Boring … And Then THIS Happened

  1. That is the most click-bait article I’ve ever read! Ha ha ha!

    Hopefully Buzzfeed won’t hire David away for his headline skillz! :-)

    • Misiu, I hope you’re joking! And if you’re not, I’d love to hear what you think would be more interesting at an InDesign conference. It’s going to be an awesome event.

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