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Importing a list of items for CS6 forms

One of the limitations of the new list boxes and combo boxes in InDesign CS6 is that you have to enter each item in a list one by one. You can’t import a list of items from a text file . . . or can you?

As reported on the New York InDesign User Group an amazing thing happened in the middle of my presentation on working with forms in CS6.

Chuck Weger, scripter extraordinaire, happened to be in the audience. And when he heard me complain that you can’t import a text file of items, Chuck took out his computer and begain to write code.

Before my presentation was finished, Chuck already had a script written which he named “ComboMambo.”

You can download the script at the meeting wrap up notes web page.
[Note that Adobe has disabled those user group pages. You can find the script here.]

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4 Comments on “Importing a list of items for CS6 forms

  1. A large part of my job description is creating interactive PDF forms from InDesign, and this script is an incredible time-saver. I use it constantly. Thank you, Chuck Weger!

  2. Hi Sandee
    I was there at the IDUG – today I find myself in use of this Script. I created a form and, oh yah, the client wants to add 100 countries to a pull down list (combo box).

    I am working in CC2014 and the Script is not running.
    1. is it not compatible?
    2. am I doing something wrong? i see it in the script list…
    3. does Chuck have an updated Script?

    thank you so much

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