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InCopy and InDesign CS4 Free Trials Available

Want to see if the InDesign/InCopy CS4 workflow will work for you? You can now download fully-enabled trial versions of each CS4 program from Adobe’s web site. They’re available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, in English and other localized language versions.

Inexplicably, InCopy CS4 is not a “featured product” on the trial downloads page … heh …  so you’ll have to scroll past the image links and select the product name from the dropdown menu on the same page. Enter your Adobe ID if necessary, and you’ll be brought here:


It’s safe to install either or both InCopy CS4/InDesign CS4 on the same machine running the CS3 version — CS3 will continue to function normally. However, if it’s a production (as opposed to testing) machine, you might need to adjust the way you open files, since most Mac and Windows machines will assume anything you double-click on should be opened in the latest version of the program you have installed. Limit yourself to using the File > Open menu in CS3 versions to avoid unwanted conversions, or right-clicking on files in order to use the Open With command.

As usual, 30 days after you install the trial versions, they’ll refuse to run until you enter a serial number and activate it. If you purchase CS4, though, you don’t need to reinstall anything. Entering the new serial number will convert the trial version to a “normal” version of the software. Nice and easy!

Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie Concepcion

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Anne-Marie Concepcion

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4 Comments on “InCopy and InDesign CS4 Free Trials Available

  1. I downloaded InCopy CS4 to experiment with it. I exported some stories and opened the file in InCopy. But now the file acts different in InDesign. So I tried to “undo” what I did by deleting the assignments folder. Then I unlinked the assignments in ID’s link panel. But now I get error messages whenever I open the file…Is there a way I can just get my file back the way it was before I started erroneously pushing buttons?

  2. In InDesign, open the Assignments panel and delete the entries you see there (assignments and stories). Deleting the assignment names removes them from ID’s memory, deleting the stories listed there breaks the links from the frames in the layout to the external InCopy files. Check the Unassigned InCopy Content category in the panel too, as some stories may be listed there.

    Doing this doesn’t actually delete any files or frames, it just breaks links to stuff. (And the assignment and InCopy files on your hard drive are still there, if you haven’t deleted them yet.)

    You can do this in the Assignments panel even if the entries show Missing or Out of Date icons, which might have happened if you deleted files on the server before deleteing them from the panel.

    That should get you back to where you were.

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