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InCopy CS4 Hands-On Guide

Great news! Adobe has given me permission to post the InCopy CS4 Hands-On Guide, a 38-page PDF that I wrote for them last year, on the blog. This is essentially the same guide they gave to software reviewers right before CS4 came out, to help get them up to speed with the new features, but with added content for new users.


Download the InCopy CS4 Hands-On Guide (5 MB PDF file)
Download the Sample (150 MB)

Although the introductory section gives newbies an overview of the InCopy/InDesign workflow itself, the main focus of the guide are the new features in InCopy CS4. You become familiar with each of these new features — like cross-references, conditional text, the new Links panel, and so on — by downloading the accompanying sample files and following along with the step-by-step exercises in the guide. Instructions for installing the sample files and setting up your preferences are in the beginning of the Hands-On Guide.

If you’d like a peek, here’s my “anatomy of the Assignments panel in InDesign” illustration, from the introductory section:


The sample files used in the hands-on exercises are the same ones that Adobe sales staff use in their own demos, so if you’ve attended any of these, you may already be familiar with the fictional Check magazine.


[I still insist that this guy who’s profiled in the magazine’s feature story (he’s supposed to be the lead actor in an upcoming feature film) is a lost Baldwin brother! But Adobe says no, he’s just an actor the design firm hired for the shoot. I don’t know — you tell me:]


Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie Concepcion

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16 Comments on “InCopy CS4 Hands-On Guide

  1. He does look a little like the Baldwins. But, I also think he favors James Denton from Desperate Housewives. Jamie’s from Nashville and his mom used to work with me at LifeWay.

  2. Hi Anne-Marie
    it seems there is an issue with the simple file download link !?

    Thannks a lot with this great help

  3. I think the problem Christophe is referring to is that the link to “Download the InCopy CS4 Hands-On Guide” links to the assets zip file instead of the PDF.
    Thanks for yet another great resource, Anne-Marie!

  4. Hmmm some weirdness there. I’ve removed the shortcut from the ZIP file, so now it just goes directly to our dropbox folder to download. Let’s see if that helps.

  5. Anne-Marie
    thanks a lot, it works perfectly right now. Previously I had the pdf on both links, even if the link was a little different. BTW I use Safari 3 on my Mac.

  6. RE:

    Link to the InCopy guide does not work. Can you email it to me? I managed to get the sample files though.


  7. Sorry about that Alyce, looks like (the link shortening service) went out of business. So that’s a pain!

    I’ve moved both files to new locations, they should work now.

  8. I’m having trouble opening the PDF. What is the most recent link I should click on? I got the zip one to save under downloads but it doesn’t open from there. Thanks for the help!

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