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We’re happy to announce that our new “sister” site,, is live and on the air!

icf-header-wf.gif provides news, links, tips, and techniques for people working in an Adobe InDesign/InCopy workflow: editors, writer, designers, and production staff and management.

Anne-Marie, the site’s host, has already stocked the blog with a ton of useful articles, much of it pulled from her free e-zine, InCopyFlow, which she’s been publishing for over a year and will continue to publish (you can subscribe on the new site).

The logo’s pencil icon is immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever checked out an InCopy story to edit it. We’re actually still tweaking the design and typography, and we’ll be making our two sister sites more similar over time (the new design will actually be radically different than either of the sites right now).

Anne-Marie will be adding new posts to the blog as often as possible – when she’s not posting here, of course! – and is looking forward to more interaction with readers via the comments they add to the posts.

We’ve been talking about putting up an InCopy support site for a long time, and it’s thrilling to finally see it happen. Many InCopy/InDesign workflow users feel like they’re working in a vacuum — there are no books, no magazines, no conferences that help them deal with the day-to-day issues that come up. This blog is just the start of our efforts to rectify that. We want to create a home for the InCopy/InDesign-using community, a place where we can touch base, get to know each other, help new users get started, learn how to work around problems and share our successes.

Please stop by when you get a chance, and let your InCopy workflow-using fellow designers and editors know about this new resource!

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10 Comments on “ Debuts

  1. Great! I the Netherlands I’m one of the few trainers for InCopy and InDesign/InCopy workflows. Thi site is a nice addition to my web favorites!

  2. And in French speaking countries but also in the rest of Europe I also train Version Cue / InCopy and organize their implementation.

    I like the whole concept VC+ID+IC and my clients love it !

  3. I forgot to mention that I host a one day seminar in French laguage in Brussels on May 8th 2008 on this subject : “Implementing Version Cue and InCopy CS3 in your current InDesign workflow without additional plug-ins”. Check my web site.

  4. Great site!

    I am using Firefox and the pencil to the left of the name in the logo looks very pixelated.

  5. Fred, it’s not your browser. It’s just our low-tech, pixelated logo for that site. Glad y’all like the site.

  6. Thanks, Branislav! And thanks to everyone else for your kind comments. I’m looking forward to seeing how the site, and the community, will flourish, just as it’s happening here.

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