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InDesign 14.0.3 Available Today

Check your Creative Cloud app, because an update to InDesign (14.0.3) is scheduled to be released today. There are no new features, but several performance, stability, and other bug fixes. Here’s the list of things that were fixed:

* [macOS only] InDesign crashes on dismissing dialogs on opening a file with a missing font and an unavailable plugin
* InDesign crashes or corrupts document during save when system has low disk space
* InDesign crashes when adding note on empty frame grid
* InDesign crashes on clicking a link in the Links panel if its XMP info is missing or corrupt
* InDesign crashes due to corrupt hyperlinks
* InDesign becomes unresponsive when text spanned across columns moves to overset in non-rectangular multi-column text frame that has vertical justification applied on it
* InDesign hangs when changing the size and position option in Object Styles on Anchored Text Frame including text wrap with visible Text Threads
* InDesign hangs while copying Anchored text frame with autosize enabled and pasting it into a table cell
* Straddling footnotes are faster on a text frame with less than 2 columns, no tables, split column, and span column
* InDesign hangs when editing Char Style used in nested Style
* Improved performance while opening documents
* Faster text autoflow in large documents
* Performance improvement while scrolling documents having long tables
* Moving a text frame containing long tables is time consuming
* Enhanced user experience while dragging objects
* InDesign creates incorrect QR codes for a few Japanese characters
* When applying underline feature to TateChuYoko, the underline doesn’t show

If you don’t see the update in the Creative Cloud app, go to the menu and choose Check for App Updates.

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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4 Comments on “InDesign 14.0.3 Available Today

  1. INDESIGN 14.0.3: Someone Said, “No New Features” but when you Read The List of “Fixed Issues,” the Number of Serious Bugs, Crash Errors, and Features that simply didn’t work, I would say this IS a MAJOR Upgrade. It is Scandalous that none of the more serious issues had not been fixed since March 2019, and now only weeks away from InDesign CC 2020 release.. Yea another Bug Ridden Release from October until March once again. Now watch how many hate comments I get for saying this!

    • Well, the thing about these “bug fix” lists is that they’re always misleading. Most InDesign users never saw these bugs; but some people did. I have been using CC 2019 since it came out, with very few problems. A few other people had problems all the time. ALL software has bugs. I’m pleased that Adobe keeps working at fixing the problems.

      Note that they focused on many of the top bugs reported in uservoice, which are now tagged as solved:

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