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InDesign CC 2015 Bug Fix Released

Adobe has released an update to InDesign CC 2015.4 to address several bugs, including network-related crashes and display issues. Here’s the full list from Adobe’s release notes on 2015.4.1.

  • [Windows only] InDesign crashes while working with documents on network and applying effects on objects.
  • InDesign crashes on launch while working with libraries on network.
  • InDesign crashes while dragging an object to a collapsed panel icon.
  • InDesign performs protective shutdown while trying to “Save As” a file if it is deleted from the machine.
  • The Default Display Performance preferences is not saved and reverts back to High Quality when changed to Typical.
  • Colored bitmap TIFF images appear only in black.
  • GPU rendering sometimes results in black frames.
  • File > Browse in Bridge or Reveal in Bridge option does not launch Bridge CC 2015.
  • [Windows only] Publish Online does not work behind Kerberos proxy settings.
  • Margins and Columns dialog: Stepper widget does not work for Gutter option.
  • Margins and Columns dialog: Inside/Outside or Right/Left labels disappear.
  • Liquid Guide gets partially drawn on the pages.
  • [Windows only] InDesign crashes while editing hyperlinks in a document saved on network.
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7 Comments on “InDesign CC 2015 Bug Fix Released

  1. “Colored bitmap TIFF images appear only in black.” This drove me CRAZY this week. Found a workaround — to turn Overprint Preview on.

  2. Still no update on Acrobat forms that CC 2015.4 updated ruined (tested on PC and Mac). That update decided that form fields with the same names should be renamed during the pdf export process. This makes any faux radio buttons created with check boxes with the same name then changing the export value to a different value for each checkbox not work as well as anything you intentionally want to be the same name such as two text fields. Furthermore, because of the way the InDesign team chooses to update CC, I’m stuck with June 2015 release and can’t reinstall the November 2015 release.

  3. Indesign 2017 Doesn’t Open Up Window

    I’ve tried everything I can to get this new upgrade to work.
    I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, hard booted my mac, tried other adobe software in the creative cloud, and nothing seems to work. Adobe representatives aren’t any help either. Anyone else having this problem?

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