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InDesign CS3 5.01 Update Released

Today Adobe released the long-anticipated InDesign CS3 5.01 update. The free update fixes over 50 known bugs in InDesign CS3, including some so egregious–in particular, bugs involving building indexes from multiple documents in a book palette–that users had been forced to retreat to CS2. (See Podcast 60 for more on these bugs.)

Other bugs or ‘feature anomalies’ changed in the 5.01 update include:

  • The removal of white ‘stitch’ lines in imported INDD files when printed or exported to PDF.
  • A number of instances where documents could be corrupted or InDesign could unexpectedly quit.
  • Fonts activated by third-party font management utilities should appear properly now.
  • Alphabetized table of contents across multiple documents a book appears in the correct order now.
  • Printing multiple copies of uncollated documents should now print as quickly as it did in CS2.

While 5.01 hasn’t been out long enough to fully test it, I’ve heard good things about it and I’m currently recommending that all users update.

You can download the update from Adobe’s download site, or by choosing Help > Updates from within InDesign.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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29 Comments on “InDesign CS3 5.01 Update Released

  1. AH!!
    I’m SO happy :)

    Waiting for this as the index bug bit me everry day in the … wel.l.. you know!

  2. Dave Saunders pointed out at that he’s been running it for about a week and it seems to fix many of the problems, but not a bug where ID will quit if you try to open the index panel while an index entry is currently selected.

  3. Dave… hm… both URLs appear to take me to the same place currently. I know things are in flux there, though; if you recommend, then so be it!

  4. Good news. Looking forward to no more scan lines on PDFs.

    Yeah, what’s with the new Adobe forums anyway? By all appearances they suck. When will they have a search option? I miss the old ones…

  5. Thank you so much for keeping me up to speed on what is happening with InDesign. I downloaded the upgrade and installed it after reading your post.

  6. After installing this update I declared Indy CS3 ready for production. Now that the bugs are gone productivity has increase by 3 fold over CS2 IMO. Now if I could find a way to keep the current palette open while in icon view…

  7. Almaink: You don’t have the Auto Collapse Icon Panels turned on in the Interface pane of the Preferences dialog box, do you?

    I do agree it would be nice to be able to have two panels open at the same time. But you can do that by dragging the panel out, of course.

  8. Hey, just realized that 5.01 fixed one of my biggest pet peeves: Preview mode is no longer counted in the Undo stack. So now I can press W a few times and undo and it undoes the last action I took (not the Preview). So happy!

  9. Yes, Almaink. If you adopt the old style of stacking panels, you can keep them open the way you want. But if in a dock, opening one tends to collapse another. Don’t forget to save a workspace!

  10. I wish this WAS listed as a bug so it can be fixed.
    Is there any way to hide the “highllight” of the selected text? When i apply gradients or any text effects to the text.. and then want to change the font is there a way to lose the Highlight while borwsing my fonts? Photoshop can do this with “command+H”

  11. One result of this update is the reverting of keyboard shortcuts to Default. If you, as a user, has customized keyboard shortcuts, you’ll have to tell INDY to use them again!

  12. Aaron: I agree that the text highlighting thing is a hassle. One option: Hold down Command/Ctrl and click-and-hold the mouse button down on the frame. Don’t move the frame; just hold down the mouse button. A better solution is to open a new window and view both at once; or open the story editor and select the text in the story editor and make the change there, while watching the change on the unselected document window.

    Techgrl: I agree that this is also a hassle. Anytime the preferences are wiped, this happens. Adding or removing a plug-in and restarting does it, too, which is crazy.

  13. I’m having issues where the user double clicks an INDD file and InDesign opens, but it’s just a blank purple canvas. Drawings do not open unless they’re opened through the program.

    I was hoping this patch addressed that problem, but it doesn’t look like it does…

  14. I just started getting an issue where, when I select anything on the page, the selection box is over and down about a quarter inch to the right (or more). The file LOOKS fine, but is next to impossible to work on. Restarting helped a couple of times, but no more. I had to retreat to CS2, which is a pain. Sound familiar to anyone? Suggestions?

  15. A blank purple canvas? That is very weird. Have you tried deleting your preferences? Something is obviously pretty wrong there; I haven’t heard of that.

    Sarah, that sounds even weirder than the purple canvas! Wow. Again, try rebuilding your preferences. Let us know.

  16. This is probably old news, but….

    When converting a CS2 file to CS3, if you edit the file, then save it, all of the changes are lost…

    There is also a lack of a .idlk file, so multiple people can open the same CS2 file…

    We first saw this in beta, but now it is in live production, it appears to have not been addressed…??


  17. I recently found a huge bug!

    I was trying to do a menu, by using a button object containing some hyperlinks in CS2.

    I created the hyperlink destinations and the hyperlinks normally, only they were residing in my buttons. Try as I might, inDesign would not Export the file I was working on as a .pdf. InDesign refused to export a pdf that had a hyperlink within a button. ID even *DELETED* a file when I tried to “save as” thinking that would solve the issue.

    I brought the file home to try some edits in CS3, but had the same results.

    After the hyperlinks were removed from inside the button (and all destinations were deleted) the file would export to a pdf normally.

    Be cautious!

  18. Hi, I am having a problem with the save function. When I open an existing document and update links (altered as I have moved my folders around) and I choose the “Save” function, it acts as if I had choosen the “Save as” function in stead. This means that it opens a completely different folder to save in, and I have to click my way to the the correct folder. This is a problem, as I have the same filenames, but in different folders because of different languages, and it is easy to make a mistake.

    Is there any way to avoid this, and make it save in the same destination as it is supposed to?

  19. @Annika: When you open the file, it is probably opening with the word [Converted] at the top, yes? That means that the program has changed somehow — you probably either upgraded InDesign or you upgraded a plug-in. (Yes, sometimes upgraded plug-ins can internally signal to InDesign that it’s changed and forces older documents to open as converted.)

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a good way around it. I thought that InDesign would open the Save As dialog box to the same folder as the document, but I suppose there are always reasons why it might not.

  20. Yes, you are right, it opens as converted, Indesign has been upgraded. I must learn to live with it, but thanks anyway :-)

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