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InDesign CS3 vs. Leopard Status Report

In the continuing soap opera revolving around whether InDesign CS3 is compatible with Apple’s latest operating system version, Leopard, a new chapter has been added, but the serial continues. On Monday, February 11, Apple released the latest update to Leopard?10.5.2. While it included a very large number of bug fixes and enhancements, it does not appear to have fixed some InDesign CS3 incompatibilities. We covered these issues in our last posting on the subject.

In brief, there are two issues which occur:

  • Users are unable to hide InDesign either from the menu command or by using the Cmd+H keyboard shortcut
  • Some users may experience unexpected quitting when using the Place, Save, Save As or Export commands intermittently using either the OS or Adobe dialog boxes. (This is referred to below as the “NavSvcs” problem.)

Our friend Tim Cole, InDesign evangelist extraordinaire, has been keeping us up-to-date on the situation. In his posting today (February 14) he reports:

Anyone having problems with InDesign on Leopard will have observed by now that the 10.5.2 update doesn’t fix the NavSvcs or Hide problems. From what I’ve been able to learn from our own technical people, the changes necessary on Apple’s end to fix the NavSvcs problem involves a re-write of the relevant portions of Leopard’s code, and as such it’s an involved process. That along with competing priorities accounts for the absence of that fix in 10.5.1 and 10.5.2. Unfortunately, no word yet on when Apple anticipates delivering this fix.

Personally, I’m testing InDesign CS3 in Mac OS X 10.5.2 on two computers?a G4 PowerBook and a G5 iMac, and, while I’ve experienced the problem of not being able to hide InDesign, I can work around that pretty easily. I have not had a problem of unexpected quits in InDesign CS3 on those computers.

For those who may be experiencing the quitting problem, Tim suggested in one of his earlier postings that uninstalling Version Cue may help the problem.

I’m considering installing Leopard on my primary computer, a MacBook Pro, but have held off for more testing. This would be a good place for others to share their experiences with Leopard.

Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Steve Werner is a trainer, consultant, and co-author (with David Blatner and Christopher Smith) of InDesign for QuarkXPress Users and Moving to InDesign. He has worked in the graphic arts industry for more than 20 years and was the training manager for ten years at Rapid Lasergraphics. He has taught computer graphics classes since 1988.
Steve Werner

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89 Comments on “InDesign CS3 vs. Leopard Status Report

  1. I had problem in color printing, even composite RGB had been chosen in the printing menu, but it turned out gray color. I’d never had it problem until I installed OSX10.5.2. please help

  2. Anybody around familiar with problem when creating PDFs from the bookfunction? I have a problem with 10.5.2 IDCS3, 5.02 when creating a pdf-file from a bookfile with 5-7 docs it crashes all the time andon another mac with same config it works…

  3. Re: Leopard/IDCS3 hiding issue.

    I’ve experienced the hiding issue on my dual 2.66Mhz Mac Pro w/OS 10.5.2 but no unexpected crashing.

    The only workaround for hiding InDesign that I’ve found is to use the Spaces feature in Leopard.

    Two caveats though: 1) If you still have to use CS2 like me, IDCS2 does not respond to a pre-assigned space and will show up in whatever space you happen to be when you launch InDesign. Also, IDCS2 often ends up being in a completely different Space from any open documents. This can get very confusing if you have a lot of open files. 2) Sometimes, IDCS3 will hide with it’s associated Space and then not come back. The Finder’s app switcher and the Dock will still show InDesign as open but you can’t bring it to the front and must force-quit.

    It’s not a perfect solution but it works more often than not for me. Good luck!

  4. Can’t make reliable PDFs with Leopard from IDCS3.

    I can export to PDF from CS3 on Leopard, but the PDFs don’t print properly. All my clients can’t use them. All kinds of weirdness. Basically unusable. Anyone else have this problem? I have to switch to a Tiger machine just to make PDFs.

  5. Leopard/IDCS3 hiding issue FIX!? (I hope I’m not double commenting)

    I’m sitting on a 24″ iMac 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM, new this january. It was obviously shipped with Leopard, but I downgraded to Tiger immediately, due to the known issues. Some weeks ago I upgraded again, though, to be test rabbit for the design studio I’m working at. Currently I’m running OS X 10.5.2.

    When I first upgraded (again) to Leopard, I had the hiding issue as described many times. I also had an issue with Extensis Suitcase Fusion, which I use for font management. When I upgraded Suitcase to the latest version (found here:, and ran Font Doctor on all my fonts, the hiding issue was suddenly gone. Now Leopard hides everything like it’s never done anything else (both with commanh-h, choosing it from the app menu and by alt/option-clicking on another app window.

    I also experience an issue with InDesign hiding itself randomly when opening documents from Finder (double clicking the Finder icon). When it hides like this, I can’t get it ‘back’, even though it obviously responds to my keyboard commands. This means that I can escape any dialog boxes by pressing ‘esc’, and quit ID with command-q. The Suitcase upgrade did not fix this issue.

  6. Fredrik Refsli’s comment reminded me that FontBook reports my Times font is bad. I deactivated Times, and now InDesign hides. Instant cure for that problem. (Now, where to find a good version of Times?)

  7. Had the same faults with CS3 indesign & photoshop and tried all the mentioned fixes, reinstalled CS3, reinstalled Leopard, deleted versionque etc. Finally fixed mine, found it was dodgy fonts (collected over the last 20 years!). I suggest anyone with these issues first tries opening fontbook and switching off ALL fonts and then trying to use the programs, worked for me with a G5 & an Imac intel. There is a print problem with intel macs from indesign though (Fiery Rip) and the fix of setting page size in the page setup window worked perfectly, thanks Cesar!

  8. Somehow, I managed to hide InDesign, but now I can’t get it to show. When I click the icon in the dock, nothing happens, but there’s no indication that the program is locked up. The only way I’ve been able to get it back is to do a force quit and relaunch the program, which loses all unsaved work.

  9. Sherry, I have heard this from a couple of other people, too. But that happens with me with both InDesign and Acrobat about once a month, even in Tiger (10.4). I’m not sure why, but it is horrible.

  10. I’m having similiar symptoms to the NavSvcs bug under 10.5.2 and ID CS3 (Macbook)

    Looking at the console log after a crash I saw an interesting note:

    04/02/08 9:18:55 AM Adobe InDesign CS3[1136] Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x40d62250 (not loaded)

    So I poked around a bit and saw the path was broken in the VC framework on my machine. This is how I fixed it in the terminal:

    cd ‘/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/VersionCueUI.framework/Versions’

    sudo ln -s A Current

    (you’ll be asked for you admin password on the last command)

    So far, so good. no crashing when I save or export.

  11. Hi Everbody…

    Are there anyone that knows if the 10.5.3 have some fixes for the InDesign CS3 problems?



  12. Hi agian

    Just wanted to to let you know, regarding to the EFI Fiery printing issue, that EFI knows the issue and are working on releasing an update for the drivers… (Konica, Xerox, Canon etc.)


  13. Hello everybody,

    I’ve been bouncing around from forum to forum for about a week now trying to find a solid solution for IDCS3 crashing when I save, export, package, or even re-link images. I use Indesign 8 hours a day, and the constant crashing has slowed production down significantly! I’ve found a few work arounds that work temporarily. One included creating a blank document, saving it, then exporting it to the desktop. I tried that and the crashing ceased for a day or two – then started again. Then a few days of unsuccessful fixes. Finally tried something that seems to be working well so far. I did a safe mode start when powering up, then simply unchecked the “use version cue” box in the indesign/preferences/file handling. Restarted ID and all works fine. So far so good – we’ll see. I hope this helps someone!

  14. I found some success. After rebuilding preferences I opened InDesign and went right to preferences with no document open. Under ‘File Handling’ I unchecked the box that says use Version Cue – prior to that InDesign still tried to use Version Cue even after it was uninstalled. Hope that helps someone.

  15. Hi

    It seems that cleaning user caches (with cocktail or main menu) helps hiding problem // well you still have to clean caches every time before launching the application

  16. Dennis’s weird workaround fix is fabulous. That definitely worked for me.. I’m reposting it below:

    “I found a workaround for the NavSvcs problem (G5 PPC) from another website.

    The trick is to go to PRINT, click on the PRINTER button and then do a SAVE AS PDF from the pull down menu. A Save window will come up, you can then just Cancel your way back and all NavSvcs issues disappear. Saving, exporting, placing images all work without a hitch.

    You just have to remember to do this first thing in the morning!
    It seems like accessing the finder this way solves the crashing issue.
    Hope this helps.”

  17. Following on WSGV’s post about Dennis’ strange but successful workaround for the NavSvcs issue, I’ve also had success with Paul Perton’s workaround (so far) which is a bit easier to use: ?if you open the document from ID?s open dialogue and NOT by clicking on an icon in the Finder – it will open then save and save as OK.?

    How long before there’s a fix for this? Leopard has been out since October, and CS3 was before that?

    For the record: OS X.5.2, ID CS3 5.0.2, PPC G5 Dual 2GHz, 4GB RAM.

  18. Dennis Quant’s solution worked!
    I was crashing every time I tried to place an image in InDesign CS3.

    MAC, Leopard, Dual 1.8 GHz G5, CS3 5.0.2

  19. Ha!!!!

    I found out what’s the problem to this whole Command+H “Hide InDesign” issue in OS X 10.5 Leopard.

    Apparently the default keyboard preferences are conflicting with the optional [Shortcut for QuarkXPress 4.0] preferences available in the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.

    Here’s what you do: Go to Edit>Keyboard Preferences. In the Set: drop-down menu where it says [Default], select [Shortcut for QuarkXPress 4.0].

    Keep the Product Area: Application Menu as is.

    in Commands: it shows the various shortcuts. Highlight “Hide InDesign”

    Notice when you do that, in the current Shortcuts: window it shows
    Default: Ctrl+Cmd+H.

    Fine, leave it like that. Leave the Set: selected at as [Shortcuts for QuarkXPress 4.0]. Click OK and the window will close.

    Now with with your InDesign document open, press Ctrl+Cmd+H (Control+Apple+H). Voila, it hides InDesign! To make InDesign visible to the front again, press cmd+tab on the desktop and click back on the InDesign icon tab. Boom, there ya’ go! I’m not sure yet what the shortcut key is to return InDesign, but at least this works.

    What’s weird is that by initially “teaching it” by pressing Ctrl+Cmd+H, it debugs that Ctrl+H problem that loses the application. After doing this, you can return the keyboard preferences back to Default (not QuarkXPress 4.0) and go back to pressing just Ctrl+H and it works! No need to to continue pressing Command with Ctrl+H.

    I’ll send this info’ to Adobe and Apple. A minor conflict, but still it was frustrating for our department as well.

  20. I’d like to put the footnotes of a book in a smaller independent column, not the same as the main column of the text… ¿how can I do?

  21. I’ve been having problems with the search and replace in InDesign CS3 with the latest Leopard update. I can usually get the “Find” text field completed, but the “Replace” field just won’t take the text. It also flickers like crazy. I’ve had to re-install everything for a hardware issue which is now resolved but this problem persists and it is driving me crazy as I have to manually do it. Nothing like feeling as though I own a glorified typewriter again …

  22. ok so all the problems here are on two machines here, we have 2 x 1.8 dual g5’s with 4gb ram in each. upgraded from cs1 on osx 10.3.9 to cs3 on 10.5.2 and nothing but trouble! we struggle to find our printers on the network (one has and one hasn’t???) the printer is an epson 4880 sat on tyhe network direct, we also have an epson 4000 which we share from a machine with osx 10.3.9 on and have lost most of the dialogue boxes on that so cannot alter print resolution etc.
    we have the NavSvcs issue which can be worked around using dennis’ solution.

    we are also having issues with the printers (both of them) rotating prints and chopping the ends off. by printing a pdf from id-cs3 and placing it into id-cs1 we can get a result. also the colour when printing from id-cs3(when it occasionally works) is very dark, like it’s putting down too much ink. yet from id-cs1 it’s fine. we are using calibrated monitors with a calibration file for each substrate that we print on and have good results until now (i work in a portrait photographers studio).

    so now we are looking at stepping back to tiger which we have never used. 2 steps forward on step back!

    any news on an update from adobe or apple yet?

    cheers to all for your workarounds, hopefully we won’t need them forever!

  23. We have tested the 10.5.3 Build 9D27 on a G5 Dual 1.8 with 2 GB of Ram – and InDesign 5.02 (the mac is not in production here)

    And it seems that the shortcut to hide InDesign is now working.

    And the issue with the docked documents disappearing also seems to be gone

    There have been no sign of the NavSvcs issue so far. (haven’t tested that so much)

    And the printing issue with the Fiery Rips seem to work now on PPC macs.


  24. I’m working on a G5 with CS2 and 10.5.2 Indesign almost everyday crashes when I want to save a or import a file. It seems to be a problem only with non intel macs furthermore it only happens when I’m connetected to the server (x server) My solution is to make a new doc every first time I start indesign and quickly save it to the desktop. I try to make and save it as quickly as possible. command N, command s, command D en hit enter. After I do this everything is ok.

  25. I’ll hide indesign, with no issue- usually- but have trouble unhiding it. this has happened on newer and older machines running leopard.

  26. I just stumbled on this discussion because I too was suffering the problem of not being able to hide InDesign or InCopy. But I just upgraded to 10.5.3 today. I then opened InDesign. Tried to hide it. No go. I quit the program. I then opened it up again and tried to hide it. Success! The command-H option works too. And I can get the program back by just clicking on it in the dock. I tried this same sequence of steps with InCopy, and it too now hides. So no more clearing prefs with each launch in order to hide, I hope.

  27. David, the Creative Tech solution is based on the solution provided by Dennis Quant in the comment toward the top of this post (which was in turn from an uncredited website).

    His workaround solves the NavSrc problem for me, but I additonally I always add some text to the spotlight field, and press the New Folder button before cancelling back out of the Print PDF dialogue.

    For me this prevents Indesign from crashing during spotlight searches or creating a new folder in the Place, Save, Relink or Export folders, a problem that appears to persist even with the 10.5.3 update.

  28. Is there still no news of an update to this? I just upgraded to an Intel iMac from a PowerPC and the crashes happen 10 times more offten.

  29. 10.5.4 seems to fix the ‘navigation services’ problems.

    (on a side note, I had to reinstall 10.5.4 from a ‘combo’ updater as the ‘delta’ update provided through Apple’s software update software broke Photoshop)

  30. I am looking for a Dennis Quant from Alkmaar.
    I wonder how you are doing, you can contact me through Linkedin or hyves.

  31. Does anyone have any info on any issues with Windows XP and CS3 InDesign? I can’t “Save As” or “Export” without the screen flickering quickly and then freezing! I feel like I’ve tried everything!!!!

  32. I just bought a new 27″ iMac for DTP-purposes, so Indesign CS4 will be used most of the time.

    The Mac came with Snow Leopard 10.6.2 pre-installed and after installing the CS4 Design Standard Suite, everything works fine, except INDESIGN. The program launches, but as soon as I create a new blank document, Indesign is “not responding”. So when I click “OK” after I set the ‘Paper Size’ in the ‘New Document Window’, I get the rotating coloured disc and Indesign hangs. I have to ‘Force Quit’
    Same thing when I open an existing document I made on another Mac: it opens and I can see it, but Indesign crashes.

    After looking for a solution on different forums and sites, these are the things I tried but did not make any difference:
    – update everything to the latest version (6.0.4 for Indesign for example)
    – disable “preflighting” and “link checking” in Indesign
    – uninstall all Microsoft Office components and fonts
    – delete the automatically created Adobe PDF printer in System Prefs
    – use another mouse
    – delete/replace Indesign preferences (4-key combo)
    – delete Recovery files and folders

    and is there a way to go back to OS 10.6.1? (’cause I have a MacPro 8-core that runs 10.6.1 and there Indesign works fine…)

    This is really a joke. I buy the newest Mac and install legal software which most mac-people use every day and I can’t even create a blank document. All I can do is set aside this beautiful machine and go back working on my old iMac under OS 10.5.8 where everything works fine.

    Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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