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InDesign CS4 6.0.4 Update Now Available

The InDesign 6.0.4 update is now available and fixes a number of issues including a bugs which prevents text on a path from being exported to PDF after page 65 as well as the annoying problem with the pathfinder tool not working after page 12.

The update can be downloaded and installed directly from the Help > Updates command within InDesign or manually from here for Windows. The Mac update doesn’t seem to be posted yet, but this link will take you to the Mac InDesign downloads page.

InCopy users should note there is also a 6.0.4 update for that program as well.

Theses updates are cumulative. If you aren’t already patched to 6.0.3 there’s no need to download or install the earlier updates.

Bob Levine

Bob Levine

Bob Levine is a graphic designer and a consultant focused on providing InDesign training and guidance in developing efficient, collaborative workflows to those moving from QuarkXPress or PageMaker. An Adobe Certified Expert in both InDesign and InCopy, Bob has written articles for InDesign Magazine and is an Adobe User to User forums host. He has more than 15 years of industry experience and has been using InDesign since version 1.0. For more background, visit his website, or his blog,
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28 Comments on “InDesign CS4 6.0.4 Update Now Available

  1. Here is a list of the bug fixes listed in the 6.0.4 ReadMe file:

    * Fonts are not getting embedded in documents exported to Digital Editions from InDesign.
    * Drag & Drop problem when dragging from a PowerPC application to InDesign on an Intel Mac.
    * InDesign unable to package CMYK files for EPS (DCS1.0) format.
    * JPEG export of direct selected image results in image being cropped by containing frame.
    PDF files with certain font encoding characteristics, have glyphs drop out or appear as boxes in their text, when placed into InDesign, exported to PDF, and viewed in Acrobat 8.x or earlier, or PDFL 8.x and earlier based RIPs.
    * PDF Export: Master page items fail to draw if they sit atop another page item that crosses master spread page boundaries.
    * Applied Photoshop EPS clipping path is lost when relinking to the same file.
    * InDesign scripting will not return any link information about images placed inside of .INDD docs that are placed inside another .INDD doc.
    * Empty text frames and cells exported to IDML or to libraries are losing all user defined text attributes.
    * Custom style mappings are not being applied when using Word import presets.
    * Data merge fails to replace place holders with appropriate text from data source.
    * Spell check performance issues when using ?Ignore All? multiple times.
    * Unexpected exit in AdobeLinguistic when spell checking.
    * Place Date displayed Link Info panel is different in Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time.
    * Type on a Path fails to draw in output (PDF, Print, JPEG) on the 35th and subsequent spreads.
    * Exporting a story containing an index marker to RTF results in unexpectedly quits.
    * Secondary links to InCopy .ICML files are not shown as part of placed .INDD file in links panel.
    * Duplicate links appear after packaging Book.
    * Pathfinder tool does not work on any object selection after page 12.
    * INX/IDML Round trip of converted documents results in graphics taking on the Basic Graphics Frame object style instead of the None style as in the original document.

    There are a few additional bug fixes for developers.

  2. Thanks for the notice and the readme file. Some of those are so obscure, I wonder how people find those errors and how many complaints they have to receive to work on them.

  3. I had run into the data merge bug several times.
    and now that I’m looking I remember the type on a path bug too. I thought at the time it was a font issue. interesting.

  4. I’m about to upgrade my office Mac (running 10.5.8, iMac G5 , PPC), so hopefully there’ll be no problems there.

    I have ID running on my home iMac [Intel] that I’ve recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and was wondering if any users on this site have experienced the font issues that are being discussed in this topic over at Apple and this one at Quark ]

    If so, maybe this update will help.!

    I’m not running Snow Leopard on a production machine yet, but was thinking that I soon need to work at home and I don’t want my Jobs to get screwed up by the Snow Leopard font issue – if there is one.

  5. Thanks for posting this!

    I called Adobe to report the style mapping bug several months ago (before 6.0.3 came out); the tech support guy had never heard of it. So I?m REALLY glad they finally fixed it. The fact that nobody appeared to have complained before me was puzzling; I got the feeling I was one of a very small minority of people who use this feature, which confirmed my suspicion that most people don?t bother learning how to ?work smart.? We wouldn?t want to be too productive, after all. Might cause problems.

  6. The reason most people didn’t report it or know about it is because most people aren’t fortunate enough to be able to use it.

    I’ve never gotten a properly formatted Word document from a client.

  7. Mike Murphy rallied some troops here, I remember I directed others to Mikes site via several forums I frequent hoping whoever saw it would also report it.

    The news I heard last was that it wouldn’t be fixed until CS5. I’ve stated before that I couldn’t update without this. So now that it’s fixed, it’s time to buy Cs4.

    (eh Mike Murphy is a former TV presenter here in Ireland, sorry for shortening the name above, it is of course Michael Murphy)

  8. I had no problem with the InDesign CS4 6.0.4 updates. I’m running Snow Leopard (10.6.1) on a MacBook Pro.

    Looks like a pretty long list of fixes!

    — James

  9. Bob,
    Do you think an Archive & Install would work as well as a clean install? I’d hate to wipe and start all over.

  10. Steve, thanks for posting the ReadMe contents.
    The fixing of “Data merge fails to replace place holders with appropriate text from data source.” made my day, as I use data merge more and more often have run into the bug several times, costing tons of time to check every item on every page to ensure nothing got messed up.

  11. I’m just grateful they’ve fixed the irritating ‘forgotten keyboard shortcuts’ bug when switching between Indesign and other applications in XP. No more minimize/maximize to get ’em back. Happy day…

  12. (see above) Well, almost fixed. Shame it’s so hard for the Adobe guys to write an application that knows it has the focus :-)

  13. Really happy they’ve fixed the ‘Duplicate links appear after packaging Book’ issue.

    It was starting to drive me mad deleting the duplicates and relinking (mild OCD won’t allow image_1, image_2, image_3 etc !)

  14. The 6.0.4 patch doesn’t appear very friendly in a corporate environment. Just tried it at work on one machine and InDesign is asking for it’s activation serial number again. The rest of the Creative Suite seems untouched. This is a major problem if we have to run around to 500 Macs with a spreadsheet of numbers….

    I downloaded the .dmg from Adobe’s site rather than use the updater.

  15. Adobe has actually vastly improved their updaters recently. In the past, you would get a .dmg that would mount, unmount, and put itself in the trash after the update, so you would have to download the update again for each machine that needed updating.

    @elannasdad – I was wondering why this redundancy of images was occurring. Thanks for mentioning this update fixed that problem. Didn’t know it was a known bug.

  16. @Bill Planey – I frequently package up previous, multiple file books to make derivative documents and I can’t recall CS, CS2 or CS3 generating duplicate links? This fix is literally going to save me hours a week.

    Now, if only I could quickly apply a Master page style to just the odd pages within a certain range (Framemaker 5.5 used to let me)

  17. Didn’t the “reset transformations” option used to also undo scaling (of placed images), or was there a different command for that that I’ve completely forgotten about?

  18. Re David Harrison’s message above, I’m seeing what I think is a similar issue on XP 64bit, where ID occasionally seems to stop responding to the keyboard, although the mouse still works. The solution is to [Alt] +[tab] back to ID.

    After something that happened yesterday, I’m beginning to wonder if it is related to our network pushing hourly updates to each machine’s antivirus (AVG).

    Does any of this sound familiar?

  19. @Bob: I don’t have any choice about what OS is installed on the machine I use at work.

    I’m sure there are many of us using Adobe applications on WinXP64 and it shows a lack of concern for customers by Adobe to not support this OS.

    And considering this lack of support, surely we can legitimately use this blog to communicate various user experiences in an effort to develop work-arounds for issues which may arise?


  20. @Bryce: Nobody’s saying you can’t comment. But to call Adobe out for not supporting what was, at best, an experimental operating system is not being fair, either.

    Their customer support certainly isn’t what it should be and even resulted in a public apology. But you need to talk to your IT people about moving to Vista 64 (or wait a few weeks and go directly Win 7).

    They’ll probably rattle on about what’s supported in their world and you can then ask them why they expect you to use unsupported software.

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