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InDesign How-to Video: How to Work With Multiple Page Sizes in One Document

In this week’s InDesignSecrets video, Anne-Marie Concepción shows us how to work with multiple page sizes within a single InDesign document. She explains how to get those mixed page sizes using the Pages panel as well as with the Page tool. Use these easy techniques to create book spines, gatefolds, or even put business cards, posters, and postcards in the same file!

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Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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Mike Rankin

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2 Comments on “InDesign How-to Video: How to Work With Multiple Page Sizes in One Document

  1. Anne-Marie thank you! Not just for a great tutorial, but for the way you talk and show it. I am not a native English speaker, but I can easily follow you. Which is not the case with most others in videos. They talk so fast that not only can I not keep up with the movements, but the words are one unintelligible flow.
    So – thanks a huge lot!

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