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InDesign Magazine Issue 59: The GREP Issue

IDM Issue 59

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 59 (March, 2014) is now available! This month’s theme is “getting a grip on GREP” and whether you’re a GREP beginner or maven, you’re going to want to check this out:

  • Peter Kahrel explains GREP from the ground up, with important lessons and essential tips
  • David Blatner discusses how to use GREP Styles, and then offers a two-page “clip and save” resource guide with common GREP codes you can (and should!) use yourself

But that’s not all! Even if you never touch GREP, you’ll want to read:

  • Sandee Cohen’s terrific exposé of flowing text. (This article is supposed to be for beginners, but even advanced readers will find important jewels in here!)
  • Mike Rankin discusses how to use InDesign when building presentations, and then Sharon Steuer takes it one step farther, showing how you can skip the PDF step entirely and just present from InDesign (and why that’s a good idea!)
  • We also have a review of a terrific new time-tracking tool from CreativeWorx which is free for CS and CC users.

You can find every issue of InDesign Magazine here, or by clicking Magazine above.

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15 Comments on “InDesign Magazine Issue 59: The GREP Issue

  1. When I log in with my InDesign Secrets account it says I’m not a member of the Magazine. Could be as I already was. So when I try to log in with the account I had for InDesign Magazine it says my password is not correct. But it is.When I click on ‘forgot password’ and use my InDesign Magazine e-mail account I get a links but when I use that link I get a non valid website in return.
    So… now ay to get to my Magazine…
    Can someone assist me please…?

  2. David, the whole InDesignSecrets webpage was not available for 10 minutes here (Netherlands) so I think there was a small error somewhere. It is back here now and I can log in fine. So some glitch that is now resolved :-)

  3. Glad to see one of my favorite GREP tips make the cheat sheet (anchoring an object on the clipboard).

    I’ve experimented with really long expressions in GREP styles, but I haven’t found a specific limit to the length of an expression. Is there one?

  4. I for one am looking forward to reading this issue and am hopeful that I may finally get a grip on GREP, something that’s eluded me for far too long. Thanks, Team IDM.

  5. To make the e-mail GREP even easier:


    The At has to be there and we know there can be anuthing in front and anything behind that EXCEPT a space.

  6. Well, just signed up as an member. Would love any tips you may have for me. I’m about to be laid off from an marketing job of 6 years. So I’ve decided to start my own business. I want to develop a book of coupon ads that will be mailed out. I’m not worried about selling ads but learning how to use indesign cs6,and in a quick way. I only have publisher experience, but love working with graphics and willing to teach myself. I don’t want to go back to working for man. Any suggestions??

  7. Hi Kelly! Your question is great, but it’ll probably get buried here in comments about GREP ;-D

    Your best bet is to post the question as a new post in our forums (and if you signed up for a paid membership, you can post to the private forum there, where David and I and other members do a lot of tip trading. ;-D

    But one good way to teach yourself is to follow one of the “getting started with InDesign” video tutorials at Have you tried that? David’s got a good one called Essentials:

    • I have not, but will definitely will. I looked at that website earlier and was trying to decide if I should join. I realized after I posted my comment it was in the wrong section so will try it again. I really appreciate your comments! K

  8. I wish I could buy InDesign Magazine but how can I buy it from Iran while there is no credit card system in my country?

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