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InDesign Magazine Issue 61: DPS Tips!

InDesign Magazine 61: May 2014

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 61 (May, 2014) is now available! This month’s theme is Adobe DPS, and boy do we have it covered. At a whopping 114 pages this is the biggest issue ever of InDesign Magazine! We highly advise that you find yourself a comfortable chair before downloading this issue.

It begins with 52 Fabulous DPS tips, written by eight of the most knowledgeable and experienced DPS pros in the world, and edited by Diane Burns. Whether you’re a seasoned DPS user or a total newbie, you’ll find vital information in these tips.

Then Chris Converse shows all the amazing things you can accomplish by adding HTML to DPS folios. These are the things that can really make your work stand out—stuff like animation, responsive design, web services (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc), personalization, and more.

In this month’s InDesigner, Pam Pfiffner profiles colleges and universities that are using DPS to create engaging publications for students, faculty, and alumni.

For a behind-the-scenes peek at DPS and where it’s going, David Blatner chatted with Adobe’s Paul Betlem and Mitch Green.

And even if you never use DPS, every InDesign user should take advantage of InDesign’s preflight tools to help spot potential document problems. But these tools aren’t much use unless you create custom preflight profiles to suit your specific needs. Kirsten Rourke’s InStep article shows how.

Finally, the Best of the Blog gathers up some great posts you absolutely don’t want to miss, including Sandee Cohen’s epic quest to add Hunspell dictionaries to InDesign, important bits on controlling hyphenation, troubleshooting document fonts, kerning with drop caps, and a lot more.

Want to learn about it with a catchy tune? Watch the movie below:

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