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InDesign Magazine Issue 67: Fixed-Layout EPUB

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 67 (November, 2014) is now available! This month’s theme is “fixed-lyout EPUB,” which is perhaps the most-important new feature in the 2014.1 release of InDesign that came out a couple of weeks ago. But print-lovers will be happy, too, because Claudia McCue returns for an in-depth look at some features everyone who prints needs to know about.

Here’s what the issue includes:

  • Laura Brady shares her experiences with Fixed Layout EPUB (FXL), and lets you download a sample document to test!
  • Anne-Marie Concepcion explores some tricky type problems (and solutions) in FXL files
  • Claudia McCue explains the Separations Preview panel (including the Ink Limit feature) and the Flattener Preview panel. Important stuff!
  • Jean-Claude Tremblay has as fun “GREP of the Month” for you: Locations
  • Chad Chelius uncovers a cool fixed-layout EPUB created in InDesign that any photographer (or lover of photographs) will enjoy.
  • And of course, always check out the Best of the Blog, in case you missed these great tips.

Remember, you can find every issue of InDesign Magazine here, or by clicking Magazine above.

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3 Comments on “InDesign Magazine Issue 67: Fixed-Layout EPUB

  1. Yes, FXL ePub, mighty new options! My brand new book on InDesign CC 2014 for Dutch readers is released on iBooks and uses this new FXL format: it is ‘like a PDF in ePub format’ you could say.
    580+ pages and all TOC, index and cross refs work as links in this format.
    I added some small animations (to see the examples in this book really work is great) and a video about placing text and and reads perfectly in iBooks but also in Adobe Digital Editions 4!

    (It is released only on Dutch and Belgian Apple iBooks Store as it is in the Dutch language, but you can buy it also directly on my website, just google me and search for Handboek InDesign CC 2014.)

    Sorry, a bit of advertisement ;-)

    But I can tell from first hand experience that this FXL ePub from InDesign works and rocks!

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