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InDesign Magazine Issue 82: The New Rules for Printing

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 82 (February, 2016) is now available!

Here’s what the issue includes:

  • Claudia McCue brings you up to date on how to get the best results in your print projects.
  • Keith Gilbert gives a gentle introduction to the art and science of automating InDesign.
  • Conrad Chavez shows how CC Libraries give Adobe Stock key advantages over other sources of imagery.
  • Nigel French shows how to create impactful type designs by breaking the rules of spacing.
  • Peter Kahrel’s GREP of the Month shows how to target character ranges with Unicode.
  • Best of the Blogs articles from InDesignSecrets, InCopySecrets, and EPUBSecrets.

Remember, you can find every issue of InDesign Magazine here, or by clicking Magazine above.

(And remember, Premium Members get this month’s issue plus access to all back issues!)


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3 Comments on “InDesign Magazine Issue 82: The New Rules for Printing

  1. Hi Folks

    Getting a “Sorry, that’s a 404, good buddy.” from the first link (We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 82 (February, 2016) is now available!)

    Cheers, Gobit

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