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InDesign Secrets Video: Modifying Tables

If you often have to deal with tables, you know how it can be a challenge to fit them into some layouts. Sometimes there’s not enough space, sometimes there’s too much. Sometimes the available space is the wrong shape for the table. So in the latest InDesignSecrets video at, Anne-Marie Concepción shows all the ways that you can quickly modify the size of table rows and columns—or entire tables, including the text—to fit whatever space you have in your layout.


So check out InDesignSecrets at and learn some great tips for resizing tables.

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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2 Comments on “InDesign Secrets Video: Modifying Tables

  1. I believe Ann-Marie missed a much easier method in her tutorial. If I were modifying that table, I would have expended the right-hand side, selected the five columns and then used the “Distribute columns evenly” feature without having to resize each column individually. This works if you have similar sized data in the columns. If one column requires more width, resize it and then apply the DCE feature to the other columns.

  2. Thanks Peter! I’ll include that method the next time. ;-D I think I was too enthused about showing the Shift-drag feature (to resize column widths without changing the table width) and ended up overlooking the obvious, that very useful Distribute Columns Evenly thing.

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