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InDesign Secrets Video: Rotating Text and Text Frames

In the latest episode of InDesign Secrets on, you can learn how to achieve some cool text effects by rotating text and text frames independently. David Blatner shows how to get different results by using different tools. You can keep your text horizontal, and rotate the frame to a different angle. video: Rotating text and text frames

Or keep the frame level, and rotate the text. video: Rotating text and text frames

Both looks are easy to achieve. You just have to pay attention to what tool you’re using, and follow the steps shown in the video.

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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5 Comments on “InDesign Secrets Video: Rotating Text and Text Frames

  1. Interesting. I’m always looking for ways to make my books look more visual. This is a bit much, but who knows, I might find a place for it, particularly since your explanation was so clear and easy.

    One suggestion. Given the growth of ebooks and the attention ID’s powerful epub fixed layout is beginning to get, it’d be great if InDesign Secrets suggestions and Lynda videos would tell listeners whether or not a technique exports properly to epub fixed layout and what happens to it in reflowable epub.

  2. I can see using this in posters & flyers. Cool tips.

    I agree with Michael Perry, it would be a good thing to mention whether or not it works in ePubs.


  3. I just noticed that if I try to rotate a graphic (photo/image) it hops totally out of the graphic frame. How is that properly done?

    • You probably have the upper-left selected for rotation. Select the center (upper left-hand corner of the UI) and then rotate. The graphic will remain visible in the frame.

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