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InDesign Template Essentials: GREP Styles

Another month, another free template for our Premium members! (Not a Premium member? Sign up here.)

This time*, we have a nifty collection of GREP styles to save you time and effort in formatting text!

The template starts out with a brief introduction to the basics of using GREP in InDesign, and an explanation of how to wield the power of GREP in paragraph styles.

Then there are several working GREP styles you can copy and adapt in your own documents.

There are GREP styles to do the following:

  • apply superscript and subscript in science and math text
  • format prices and fractions
  • automatically apply dingbat fonts when you want characters like checkmarks
  • eliminate runts at the end of paragraphs
  • reduce the horizontal scale of unwieldy em dashes
  • prevent problematic breaks in email addresses and URLs

And to top it off there’s a handy collection of recommended GREP resources including magazine articles, blog posts, ebooks, and videos.


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*This is the slightly tardy template for February 2017, another template will follow later this month to cover March.

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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6 Comments on “InDesign Template Essentials: GREP Styles

  1. Such very, very complex strings for email in this examples….

    Why not simply:


    Lets keep things simple! ;-)

  2. No doubt these templates are very good, but I cannot open them in InDesign Cs6. I have only just paid my premium membership – I hope that there may be some downloads that I am able to use in the coming year.

    • John, if you download file, you’ll see it has an IDML file in there. The ReadMe (text file) says if you have an earlier version of InDesign than the INDD file included in the .zip. you can open the iDML file. Try that! Any version from CS4 or later can open an IDML file.

  3. Anne-Marie – thank you so much! I guess that I fell into the usual man trap of not reading the instructions! Kind regards, John

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