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The InDesignSecrets Forum is Live!

In case you haven’t noticed, we quietly enabled our new Forum today. You should see the link to the Forum in the middle of the grey navigation bar toward the top of every page in our site:

There are just a few forum categories right now, since we really don’t need a whole lot to start. There’s an Announcements forum where we’ll be posting news about the site and the forums themselves; two main forums for everyone’s use (General InDesign Questions and InDesign Add-Ons); and a forum for off-topic conversations that we’re calling “The Pub” (get it? heh).

If you can’t find the answer to your InDesign issue in the blog posts, you’re still welcome to e-mail us, but we encourage you to post your question on the forum as well (or even instead).  You might get a quicker answer from the incredible InDesign brain trust that is our audience. And, we hope that the topics you talk about in the forums will provide us and our contributors with some great ideas for future blog posts!

Note that anyone can read the forum messages, but to write a new question or reply to someone’s post, you’ll need to log-in to your (free) InDesignSecrets membership account first.  We’re hoping that will keep the forum spam to a minimum.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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19 Comments on “The InDesignSecrets Forum is Live!

  1. It doesn’t seem to let me post :(
    I am hitting save post, is this right.
    Not many points for affordance with this forum. Give me a post reply button not just a save and I’ll be happy.
    I am sure it will be all sorted out soon though

  2. Hi Tim (and everyone): We’re very sorry, but there appears to be a problem with the new forum software right now. New posts don’t show up immediately! Well, they do show up… but not to you. Other folks can see them, but sometimes you need to log out and log back in to see your own posts. Very frustrating, I know. We apologize, and we’ll get it fixed as quickly as we can.

  3. I don’t seem to be able to get out of the welcome page and into the forum. I assume this is because of the work you’re doing to get the forum working, but just letting you know anyway.

  4. One suggestion: Change the colors of the login area and once logged in, the “Welcome back” area (Your account and Log out are virtually impossible to read). The blue on black is very difficult to see/read, at least on my monitors.

  5. @rhadin: Blue on black? Wow, that’s odd. It’s white on black on my computer. Anyone else having problems seeing problems up there? It should look like:

  6. David, things seem to be working fine now, that link included. I must have been doing it right when you were sacrificing the goat.

  7. Hey, good news about the forum! Normally these sign-up scripts send the confirmation/code email in a second or two. Either it’s broken or its boiler needs more coal, because 20 minutes later I don’t have an email. I’ll check again in the morning.

  8. @David:

    I don’t know how to give you a screen shot with this comment but your screenshot is not of the area I meant. The area I mean is to the right of the screen and is right below the search box. It is the area that includes the text:

    Become a member
    Already a member? Log in


  9. @Alan, we’ve been discussing that on this other post. Basically, if the confirmation email doesn’t show up, it almost certainly got caught in a spam folder or is held up by a mail server somewhere. Unfortunately, we have to do the confirmation email. But I believe it may be faster to get an email sent to a gmail or yahoo email account — something like that. I hope!

  10. @Rich: Hm. Okay, here are two more screen shots… this is what that upper-right corner is supposed to look like when not logged in:

    and here’s what it looks like after I log in:

  11. David, you have the right screenshot with the top one. On my screen it is almost impossible to read “Already a member? Login” and “Become a Member!” There isn’t enough contrast between the typeface color and the background color. In your screenshot it is more readable than on my screen but even in the screenshot it isn’t sharp and clear and with high contrast.

    And in your bottom screenshot note (at least on my monitors) how faint “Your Account” and “Log out” are compared to “Welcome back, David Blatner!”

    Perhaps I am the only one having this difficulty (wouldn’t surprise me).

  12. @Rhadin

    That’s interesting that you’re having these color issues. The “Become a Member” in the upper screenshot is 50% gray on 100% black, while the “Already a Member” is 20% gray on 100% black. Those are the colors I used in the CSS.

    If you aren’t seeing them with much contrast, it sounds like your monitor might need to be calibrated, particularly with regard to contrast and the white and black points.

    At the bottom of this page ( ) are calibration targets with color and grayscale shades. It might be worth running through the calibration process described on that page while viewing one of the target images.

  13. I’m working on a file in Indesign and this is the first time ever I’ve had to deal with the XRefPageNumber variable. When I go to help, it will show me where in the menu to find the “Insert Variable” but NOT how to apply it to specific text. What I am trying to do is insert the page numbers for the tables that the paragraph is referring to. I am formatting this in French and of course French is longer than the English, so there are more pages and the page numbers change throughout the entire manual. Does anyone know how to set up this variable so it will find the specified table and insert the page number for which this table can be found? I’ve been messing with this for over an hour and I just can’t seem to figure this one out.


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