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The Inexplicable Drop Shadow Contest Answer and Winner

It’s time to reveal the solution—and the winner—for this month’s InDesignSecrets contest! 

Here’s the scenario:

You open up an InDesign layout containing a placed image of a poster. The image has a drop shadow that you’d like to adjust.

But when you select the image with the Selection tool and look in the Effects panel, no drop shadow effect is listed.

Nor is there any drop shadow in the image file.

The image is a simple JPEG, placed by itself into a regular rectangular image frame, alone on the page.

Where is this drop shadow coming from?

Solution: The drop shadow was applied directly to the placed image (referred to as the Graphic in the Effects panel), rather than the frame containing it.

This can happen if you have selected the image with the Direct Selection tool before applying the drop shadow. It’s also why you might sometimes apply a drop shadow and not be able to see it (if the frame is fit to the image).

And the winner of this contest is…

Philippe Dejong!

Philippe wins full access for 3 months to the video archives for PePCon 2016 or the CreativePro Conference (up to $495 value!).

Thanks to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for another contest with a new great prize next month!

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