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InReview: MasterPlan

InDesign Magazine Issue 120: Proposals coverThis article appeared in Issue 120 of InDesign Magazine.

Keith Gilbert reviews a solution that offers publishers large and small a way to securely share digital page previews—or entire publications—for online viewing.

Book and periodical publishers today face a huge challenge when it comes to publishing their content digitally: there isn’t a single output method or distribution platform that meets all of their needs. PDFs are too easy to copy and distribute illegally. Publish Online isn’t searchable and can’t be monetized. Fixed-layout EPUB lacks robust support across operating systems and devices. What is a publisher to do?

MasterPlan is an attempt to solve this problem. It is a way for publishers large and small to securely share digital page previews—or entire publications—for online viewing. MasterPlan “live streams” publications to any modern browser and to any website you permit to use your content.

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Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert is a digital publishing consultant and educator, Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe Community Professional, conference speaker, author, and contributing writer for various publications. His work has taken him throughout North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. During his 30 years as a consultant, his clients have included Adobe, Apple, Target, the United Nations, Best Buy, General Mills, Lands' End, and Medtronic. Follow him on Twitter @gilbertconsult and at
Keith Gilbert

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3 Comments on “InReview: MasterPlan

  1. If MasterPlan offers a home page from which various documents can be selected, that’d be a plus. Publishing Online doesn’t do that. But I fail to see any other significant reason for signing up. Nor does the video help. It’d doesn’t have sound and I find demos without sound almost incomprehensible.

    You might want to do an article describing specifically what value this is. I can’t see that myself.

  2. Do you know if and when this will be available for PC users? Also, what requirements would a Mac user need to run this program?

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