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InType: Hometown Alphabet

Capture a moment in type.

An alphabet or typographic portrait of your hometown can capture its essence at a particular moment in time. I’ve made several over the years, and each is a love letter to a place I hold dear. (Fair warning, there’s aren’t any InDesign specifics until later in the article, but if you’re reading InDesign Magazine, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s only one or two degrees of separation between InDesign and pretty much everything else in life.)

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Nigel French

Nigel French

Nigel French is a graphic designer, photographer, author, and teacher living in Lewes, UK. He is the author of InDesign Type and Photoshop Unmasked, both from Adobe Press, as well as several titles in the online training library, including InDesign Typography.
Nigel French

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8 Comments on “InType: Hometown Alphabet

  1. Here’s my attempt… it’s nowhere near as pretty as Nigel’s, partly because I created the grid entirely in InDesign, without doing any work in Photoshop:

    I’d love to see other people’s alphabet posters! You can link to them in the comments below.

  2. Nigel, wonderful concept: makes you want to get out and explore! Couple of questions. How do I upload my version for you guys to see? And, although I adore the gift idea, have you given a thought to monetize this project? Although I think that, in some instances, copy rights might potentially become an issue… Thanks!

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