Issue 10

February/March, 2006

InDepth: Featura Obscura

David Blatner takes a close look at InDesign features that, while largely unheralded, are nevertheless worth talking up.

InDepth: Plan Ahead

Does organization make you itch or do you alphabetize spices for fun? Erica Gamet will make you be more efficient—and enjoy it!

InStep: Beam Me Up

Create a spotlight effect in this tutorial by Michael Brady.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers reader questions.

InDesigners: Two Book Publishers

Two UK publishers rely on standout covers to sell publications. Terri Stone finds out how InDesign aids their creative processes.

InReview: Convert Quark Files

John Cruise converts QuarkXPress files with the Q2ID plug-in.

InReview: Better Type Fitting

Jamie McKee sings the praises of TypeFitter.

InBrief: Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet gives you the basics on what’s new and improved.

InStep: Twist and Turn Type

Ted LoCascio shows you how to add type to any path, then skew it for an unusual effect.

In the News

Will Adobe applications run on Macs with Intel inside?

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