Issue 107: Photoshop and InDesign

March 2018

Helping Photoshop & InDesign Play Nice

Chad Chelius and David Blatner offer advice on how to make these two software siblings get along great.

Get Your InDesign Content into Photoshop

David Blatner and Conrad Chavez share tips for using InDesign content in your Photoshop documents.

Template of the Month: Data Merge

Not one, but four templates set up to create stationery, business cards, conference badges, and a staff directory. You just supply the data.

Scripts for Wrangling Images

Erica Gamet delivers the lowdown on seven great scripts for working with images in InDesign.

InReview: PixelSquid

Steve Caplin reviews a service that takes stock art to a new level, offering a vast library of pre-rendered 3D objects that can be rotated to almost any angle.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets

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