Issue 11

April/May, 2006

InDepth: Set Better Type

Pariah S. Burke revives old typesetting rules and best practices.

InDepth: World Languages

Diane Burns gives you the basics of handling foreign languages.

InStep: Automate This!

Rufus Deuchler shows you how Data Merge lets you answer an impossible client demand with “Sure!” and a smile.

InPerson: InDesign Architects

David Blatner interviews three of InDesign’s primary software architects.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers reader questions.

InDesigners: Wieden+Kennedy

When this ad agency switched to InDesign, their creative concepting process got an unexpected boost. Terri Stone gives you details.

InTips: Find Your Center

David Blatner reveals five—yes, five—ways to center an object.

InReview: InEventScript

Ray Robertson tests a plug-in that attaches scripts to user actions.

InReview: Contact Sheet Pro 4

Chita Hunter examines a contact sheet and picture package app.

InBrief: Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet gives you the basics on what’s new and improved.

In the News

Two major magazines migrate to InDesign.

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