Issue 15

December 2006 / January 2007

InTips & Tricks: A hatful of tips & tricks

It’s magical how much time they’ll save you!

InStep: Automate Tables of Content

After reading Brian Wood’s how-to, you won’t even dream of making a TOC manually.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers your questions and poses a mystery for you to solve.

InDesigners: Fossil

Terri Stone talks to Fossil designers about modern page layout.

InReview: Gluon ProScale ID 7.0 and LinkOptimizer 2.0

Christopher Smith, Larry Happy, and John Cruise put two productivity enhancers through the wringer.

InBrief: Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet gives you the basics on what’s new and improved.

InPerson: Matt Phillips

David Blatner interviews Adobe’s senior computer scientist.

In the News

InDesign CS3 demo, your magazine survey results.

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