Issue 17

April/May, 2007

InDepth: Spring Forward Into CS3

Michael Murphy celebrates a fresh new version of InDesign.

InDepth: Fine-tuning the Machine

David Blatner lets you in on the smaller changes to InDesign CS3

Inside InDesign: Get Your Photoshop On

Learn how to use the new Effects panel in InDesign CS3.

InStep: How to Grok GREP

Sandee Cohen walks you through using this highly useful new tool.

InSide InDesign: Pathfinder Commands

Diane Burns’ recipe features Pathfinder as the main ingredient.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers your questions—and they’re not about CS3!

InDesigners: The American School in London

Russell Viers finds out what kids today are up to.

InPerson: Chad Siegel

David Blatner chats with InDesign CS3’s senior product manager.

InReview: ImageSwapper and HVC Color Composer

Erica Gamet and Brian Lawler test the apps.

InBrief: Quick Takes on Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet gives you the word new and improved products.

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