Issue 19

August/September, 2007

Mind Your Table Manners

Michael Murphy explains how to format tables so they’re not just good-looking, but the best communicators.

Adobe’s Stealth Release

Anne-Marie Concepción uncovers the new features in InCopy CS3 and how it works with InDesign CS3.

InTime: All About Efficiency

Pariah S. Burke explores the wonders of Quick Apply.

InTips: Your Secret Decoder Badge

David Blatner unmasks InDesign’s hidden characters.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers your questions. Send her one today!

InPerson: Tim Cole

David Blatner ferrets out Adobe’s elusive InDesign evangelist.

InDesigners: Chronicle Books

Terri Stone talks to the company’s publishing design director.

InReview: InPreflight and ChartBot

Janet Frick and Erica Gamet test two apps. Should you buy them?

InBrief: Quick Takes on Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet lets you in on new and improved products.


Adobe’s naming conventions drive Russell Viers a little InSane.

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