Issue 20

October/November, 2007

Folding: Begin with Finishing

As Trish Witkowski and Peter Truskier explain, planning for folds is more important for your budget than you might think.

Harry Potter Switches to InDesign

Brad Walrod, typesetter of the American edition of the Harry Potter series, talks about his InDesign workflow.

InStep: Text Wraps Can Be a Treat

Renée Dustman walks you through your text wrap options.

InTime: InDesign On a Stick!

Pariah S. Burke proves that you can take it with you.

InBooks: Real World InDesign CS3

David Blatner and Olav Martin Kvern share their new tips.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers your questions. Send her one today!

InDesigner: Showtime’s The Red Group

Terri Stone speaks with the designers behind this channel.

InReview: DTP Tools Cross-References 1.0

Peter Gold dives deep into this plug-in.

InBrief: Quick Takes on Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet lets you in on new and improved products.


Russell Viers is feeling romantic.

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