Issue 21

December 2007 / January 2008

Somewhere Over the CMYK Rainbow

Claudia McCue gives you tips for dealing with unusual inks and substrates.

Build PDF Tool Tips Inside InDesign

Keith Gilbert introduces a whole new way to make your documents pop (up).

InDepth: Make InDesign CS2 Speak CS3

Bob Levine explains how INX helps with file swapping.

InStep: Build a Calendar in InDesign

David Blatner’s tutorial and a script are all you need!

InTime: Manuallinebreakitis

Dr. Pariah S. Burke cares about your pain.

InDesigners: Report from Tokyo

Diane Burns interviews four Japanese designers.

InPerson: Michael Ninness

David Blatner talks with InDesign’s senior product manager.


Sandee Cohen has the answers to your burning questions.

InReview: PDF2ID and AutoFit

John Cruise and Jamie McKee rate these plug-ins.

InBrief: Quick Takes on Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet lets you in on new and improved products.


Russell Viers pulls a practical joke.

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