Issue 27

December 2008 / January 2009

How to Cure Typochondria

With Pamela Pfiffner’s help, you’ll know how to choose the right typefaces for any project.

Make a Splash with Drop Caps

Jim Felici explains when, where, and how to use them.

InDepth: Three Good Rules for Great Design

Paragraph rules are an overlooked asset. Renee Dustman shows you how to use them to your advantage.

InTime: Automatic Paragraph Styles As You Write

Pariah Burke ends a series that whips templated text into shape.


Sandee Cohen answers your burning InDesign questions.

Introduction: Color Management

Chris Murphy leads you toward the Holy Grail: WYSIWYG color.

InDesigners: American Spa Magazine

As Pamela Pfiffner reports, this magazine has a serene aesthetic that matches its market.

InPerson: Four Key Adobe Team Members

David Blatner talks to the people behind the app we love.

InReview: ProperFraction and ProperFraction Pro

Jamie McKee loves this product. Find out why!

InBrief: Quick Takes on Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet lets you in on new and improved products.

Puzzle: More Interface Identification

Sandee Cohen poses a new quiz for you to solve

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