Issue 29

April/May, 2009

Will It Print?

Steve Werner shares the top 10 things you need to do to have a trouble-free InDesign file.

Draw Lines and Shapes in InDesign

John Cruise and Kelly Kordes Anton make it easy.

InStep: Create an Accessible PDF from InDesign

David Blatner lays out the basics of this important task.

InTime: Publication Flatplans

Pariah S. Burke not only explain what they are and who needs them, he gives you free ones!

InTips: Getting Into Indents

Diane Burns shows you why indents aren’t just for starting paragraphs anymore.


Sandee Cohen answers your burning InDesign questions.

InDesigners: Modern Dog

Pam Pfiffner interviews this Seattle firm about their posters, packaging, pups, and more.

InReview: StoryTweaker and Smart Styles

Bob Levine and Jim Felici give theirs seals of approval.

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