Issue 33

December, 2009/January, 2010

CSI: Creative Suite Investigation

Never again be baffled by images in your InDesign files! Keith Gilbert shows you how to analyze them.

Pump Up Interactivity in Acrobat

With a little JavaScript and Ted Padova’s helping hand, your PDFs will become buff wonders of interactivity.

Add Sizzle to PDF Presentations

Is JavaScript not for you? You can still make lively PDFs. Steve Werner explains.

InDesign Does It By Eye

Jeff Witchel loves optical kerning and margin alignment. Soon you will, too.

InTime: Customize Portfolios Quickly & Easily

Pariah Burke’s tips help you generate customized portfolios with multiple page sizes in a flash.


You ask and Sandee Cohen answers!

InDesigners: Jostens Yearbook Design Contest

Terri Stone finds out what kids these days are up to.

InReview: Default Folder

David Blatner can’t live without this utility.

InBrief: Quick Takes on Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet lets you in on new and improved products.

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