Issue 37

August/September, 2010

Chill Out with Cool Tips

InDesign experts share their hard-won secrets with you.

Six Paths to Gridded Bliss

Keith GIlbert explains how you can rearrange images in rows and columns without using a calculator.

InDepth: Solving a CMYK Mystery

David Blatner solves a mystery for a book publisher—and maybe for you, too!

InDepth: Adapt Plain Text for EPUB

Liz Castro gives you the assets and directions on taking content from the plain-text format to an EPUB file.

InDesigners: Pratt Institute Graduates

Jeff Witchel speaks to three recent graduates and shares samples of their impressive portfolios.


You ask and Sandee Cohen answers!

InTime: Moving from QuarkXPress

Pariah Burke has advice for recent switchers from QuarkXPress.

InReview: Multi-Find/Change

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning up imported text? Jamie McKee says this plug-in just may be the answer to your prayers.

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