Issue 38: Interactive InDesign

October/November, 2010

Interactive InDesign

Claudia McCue shows how to make your InDesign documents destined for PDF and SWF jump, dance, and sing.

From InDesign to iPad

Terri Stone delves into new software from Adobe that works with InDesign to create iPad-ready publications.

InTips: There’s an Anchor in My Table!

Diane Burns has whipped up delectable recipes using tables and anchors as ingredients.

InType: Show Some Typographic Kindness

Nigel French delves into the best ways to take care of widows, orphans, and runts.

InDesigners: Arabic Typography Design Contest Winners

David Blatner shares the gorgeous design and typography in the competition’s top ten entries.


In this issue, Sandee Cohen answers questions about resizing multiple items to the same width or height; generating TOCs; and clicking buttons to show and hide fields.

InReview: MathMagic

Mike Rankin brings his extensive experience typesetting complex math equations in InDesign to this review of software that aims to make the task easier.

InBrief: New & Improved Products

Jeff Gamet rounds up PDF makers; PDF converters; magazine and newspaper templates; a font manager; and a variety of new and extended typefaces

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