Issue 40: So Long, Powerpoint

February/March, 2011

So Long, PowerPoint!

James Fritz frees you from the shackles of the presentation software designers love to hate.

Get in the Fast Lane with Object Styles

David Blatner reveals the power of ten Object Styles tricks and techniques to lay out documents quickly and make global changes simple.

InStep: Renew Your Love of Typesetting with Nested Styles

Renée Dustman walks you through using nested styles for automating repetitive typesetting tasks.

InType: Grids Are Good

Greater confidence in your design, a more efficient workflow— really, why wouldn‘t you use grids? Nigel French shows you how.

InDepth: Use Multi-State Objects for Print Work

Some “interactive“ features are perfect for print documents; for example, Object States make great layer comps! Eugene Tyson explains.

InDesigners: Scientific American on the iPad

Terri Stone interviews the three-man team that turned a print publication into a full-fledged, all-the-bells-and-whistles iPad app in under three weeks.

InReview: Rorohiko‘s MagnetoGuides

John Cruise says that, like a magnetic screwdriver, you don‘t always need MagnetoGuides. But when you do, this plug-in is mighty handy!

InBrief: New & Improved Products

Jeff Gamet introduces you to free and low-cost tools that are excellent everyday helpers. And for a little fun, he throws in typographic candy—and even some actual baked goods.

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