Issue 41: Glyphs and Characters

April/May, 2011

Halfway to Six: Welcome to InDesign CS5.5

What’s in this release? Will it help you work better, faster, or smarter? Colleen Wheeler tells all.

The Sweet Sound of Punctuation

Yves Peters, a typographer and musician, explains how punctuation brings beautiful rhythm to your pages.

InStep: Tracking Down Obscure Glyphs

Did you fall in love with some of the more esoteric characters in the previous article? David Blatner shows you how to find them.

InType: InDesign-Only Type Effects

Nigel French demonstrates scads of eye-catching effects you can create without opening Photoshop or Illustrator.

InQuestion: Answers to Your InDesign Questions

Sandee Cohen solves your problems in nothing flat.

InDepth: Preflight in InDesign and Acrobat

Pariah Burke dives into a subject that’s vital to press-perfect printed documents and pixel-perfect digital publications.

InDesigners: Reader’s Digest

Pamela Pfiffner interviews the art director for this 89-year-old magazine, which is now a multiplatform publication wellestablished in the digital age.

InBrief: New & Improved Products

Jeff Gamet wants to be sure you’re up to date on what’s going on in the product world outside of InDesign.

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