Issue 45: iPad Publication Design

December, 2011/January, 2012

Expert Tips for iPad Publication Design

Even though the Digital Publishing Suitre is in its infancy, Keith Gilbert has worked on many iPad publications. Now he’s sharing what he’s learned.

Creating ePubs from InDesign

Sandee Cohen walks you through creating your first EPUB file from InDesign CS5.5.

InDepth: 10 Techniques for Copying Pages Between InDesign Documents

Pariah tells you the pros and cons of each method and how to do them all.


Sandee Cohen solves your InDesign problems.


David Blatner proves how well a team of designers, InDesign Server, and small businesses can work together.

InTips: A Troop of Trips

Jeff Witchell pulls some choice advice from his barrel of tips.

InReview: LinkOptimizer

This plug-in has more than paid for itself in the time it’s saved Jamie McKee. See if it’s right for your workflow.

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