Issue 47

April/May, 2012

Everything You Need to Know About InDesign CS6

Mike Rankin details all the new tools and features of the latest version of InDesign.

Liquid Layout

Pariah S. Burke takes a in-depth look at this new feature in CS6 aimed at helping you efficiently reconfigure a layout so it fits on an iPhone, a billboard, and anything in between.

Alternate Layouts

So where are you going to keep all those different layouts for print, iPad, Kindle, etc? Why, in the same document of course! Really? Really. Claudia McCue tells you how.

Q+A with Chris Kitchener

To get the real scoop behind CS6, we went straight to the source, Adobe product manager Chris Kitchener.

Book Excerpt: InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML & JavaScript by Grant Gamble

Every InDesign user can benefit from using scripts. But not that many of us know how to write them. If you’re just starting out with scripting, this excerpt from Grant Gamble’s book can point you in the right direction.

InType: Nested Styling

Nigel French takes you on a tour of all the kinds of text formatting you can automatically apply inside a paragraph style, with nested styles, line styles, and GREP styles.


Sandee Cohen solves your InDesign problems.

InReview: Layer Tools

Are you a fan of Photoshop’s Layer Comps? Ever wish you had that feature in InDesign? David Blatner shows you a plug-in from DTP Tools that does exactly that—and more.

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