Issue 50: Classic Tips

October/November, 2012

50 Classic Tips From 50 Issues

David Blatner digs into the InDesign Magazine archives to deliver one great tip from each issue. Plus, the behind the scenes story of how this magazine got its start.

Large-scale Collaging and Compositing with InDesign

Creating a fine art collage might seem like a task suited for Photoshop. But as Sharon Steuer shows, InDesign can offer some compelling advantages.

URLs: Breaking (Badly)

Long URLs can be a real pain to typeset because you have to be very careful about where they break. But with a GREP style, InDesign can break URLs intelligently and automatically. Caleb Clauset shows you how.

Creating HTML5 Animations with Adobe Edge Animate

Jim Maivald shows you how to create your first HTML5 animation.

InType Review: The Complete Manual of Typography

Nigel French takes a look at a comprehensive reference book from one of the most distinguished authors in the field of typography.


Sandee Cohen solves your InDesign problems.


Test your InDesign knowledge with this interactive quiz.

InReview: ePubCrawler

Anne-Marie Concepcion reviews the new fixed layout ePub creation tool from Rorohiko.

InDesigner: Oriflame

Can you imagine having to create 40 different versions of a catalog every three weeks? Pam Pfiffner learns how the folks at Oriflame get the job done.


Jeff Gamet keeps you up to date on products that are new, improved, and interesting to InDesign users.

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