Issue 51: Is Print Dead?

Is Print Dead?

With all the current hoopla surrounding digital publishing, ebooks, and tablets, you might wonder if there’s any future for print. But according Claudia McCue, the reports of print’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The Holiday Gift Guide for All InDesign Users

InDesign geeks are a special breed: smart, creative, hardworking, and well, geeky. So when you’re shopping for one of these special folks, you need to think outside the (gift) box. Kelly Vaughn shows you how.

InStep: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Slideshow techniques, Part 1

Bart Van de Wiele takes you through the process of using multi-state objects and buttons to create incredibly versatile pop-ups for DPS projects.

InStep: Creating HTML5 Animations with Adobe Edge Animate, Part 2

Jim Maivald continues his introduction to Edge Animate by showing how to adjust the duration and timing of animations.

InType: Breaking (or just not being too uptight about) The Rules

They say rules are made to be broken. By purposefully and intelligently breaking the rules of good typography, you can create more memorable designs, as Nigel French explains.


Sandee Cohen solves your InDesign problems.

The InQuisitor

Test your InDesign knowledge with this interactive quiz.

InReview: World Tools Pro

Diane Burns reviews an essential plug-in for working with Middle Eastern and Asian languages.

InDesigner: Insight Travel Guides

Pam Pfiffner examines how one publisher is tackling the problem of creating print and ebooks simultaneously.

InBrief: New & Improved Products

Jeff Gamet keeps you up to date on products that are new, improved, and interesting to InDesign users.

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