Issue 56: The Type Issue

Issue 56: The Type Issue


25 Type Tips and Tricks

Erica Gamet shares key techniques for working with type.

InStep: Bullets on the Right Side

Bart Van de Wiele demonstrates an inspired trick for putting bullets at the end of a paragraph.

How to Create Outlines the Right Way

David Blatner shows the best way to approach the job of converting text to outlines.

InDesign 101: Saving and Opening Documents

Sandee Cohen covers all the the basics of creating InDesign documents.

InDesign Effects: Patterned Shadows

Mike Rankin shows how to give your titles some pop without resorting to a standard drop shadow.

InType: Readability vs. Legibility

Ilene Strizver offers insight and advice on how to choose and set type that’s easy on the eyes.

InReview: Fixed-Layout EPUB Solutions

Anne-Marie Concepción looks at CircularFLO and Flipick.

InDesigner: The Human Face of Big Data

Claudia McCue reveals the inside story behind the production of a fascinating new book and iPad app.

InBrief: New & Improved Products

Jeff Gamet keeps you up to date on products that are new, improved, and interesting to InDesign users.

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