InDesign Magazine 59

Issue 59: Get a Grip on GREP

March 2014

Getting a Grip on GREP

Peter Kahrel shows how to get started with GREP.

5 Cool Things You Can Do with GREP Styles

David Blatner shows five (well, six) of the most common and practical uses for GREP styles.

Favorite GREP Expressions You Can Use

David Blatner shares 30 incredibly handy GREP expressions you can grab and adapt for your own work.

InDesign 101: Flowing Text

Sandee Cohen reveals all the details of what your options are when placing text into InDesign.

InStep: PDF Presentations

Mike Rankin shows how to create a great presentation file with InDesign.

Presenting With InDesign 

Sharon Steuer shares her way of using InDesign for presentations.

InReview: TimeTracker 

Sandee Cohen reviews the new time tracking application from CreativeWorx.

Best of the Blog

New Feature! A collection of the most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets.

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