InDesign Magazine issue 65: Long Documents

Issue 65: Long Documents

September 2014

Ten Essential Techniques for Working With Long Documents

Mike Rankin covers the most important tips and and third-party add-ons to make for a successful ong document workflow.

Super-Long Document Techniques

Russel Viers offers advice for perfecting your workflow when maximum efficiency is an absolute necessity.

Cover Story

Scott Citron shares his process and tips for book cover design and production.

GREP of the Month: Or

David Blatner shows how to use square brackets in your expressions to find any one of a set of choices.

Working Smarter, not Harder, with the KPS Indexing Plugins

Lucie Haskins shares the details of some powerful indexing tools that go far beyond what you can accomplish with InDesign alone.

InReview: WordsFlow Pro 2.0

Jamie McKee reviews the latest version of Em Software’s tool for reound-tripping content between Word and InDesign.


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