InDesign Magazine issue 66: Workarounds

Issue 66: Workarounds

October 2014

Yes We Can! 20 Awesome Workarounds

Bob Levine and friends and offer up 20 clever solutions for the times when InDesign won’t do what you need.

Five Ways to Box a Paragraph

InDesign has no dedicated feature for adding a background or border to a paragraph, but Mike Rankin is here with a bunch of alternatives to fit almost any situation

When Bad Things Happen to Good InDesigners

Sandee Cohen offers a comprehensive troubleshooting guide InDesign and its documents.

GREP of the Month: Superscripting Suffixes

Bart Van de Wiele shares his technique for automating numerical suffixes like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Working Smarter, not Harder, with the KPS Indexing Plugins

Pam Pfiffner profiles the essential publication for the maker movement.

InReview: DTP Tools

Erica Gamet reviews the powerful (and plentiful) InDesign enhancements in the DTP Tools Suite.

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